Dread Info

I offer two types of dreads, Double Enders and Single Enders

Getting tired of Putting in those fall everyday? Dread Extensions are the answer to your prayers! Dread Extensions are easily
braided into your own hair giving awesome volume and texture. Each dread is back-combed, twisted and steamed sealed for
ultra softness. My standard dread thickness is about sharpie thickness, but due to back combing, longer lengths tend to be thicker.

Single Ender -vs- Double Ender 
Types of dreads offered 


Hand Painted Leopard Print Dreads

Leopard print dreads are best on lighter colors such as Blonde or Pink,
I can make them on other colors however they tend to get "lost" among the dreads
Short - add $1.25 per DE
Medium - add $2.00 per DE
Long - add $2.50 per DE 

This is an Example of my dread thickness
My standard Dreads are about Sharpie Thickness
also please bare in mind that dreads naturally poof with normal wear