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You will need to leave the henna paste on your skin for as long as possible, the longer the paste remains on your skin, the darker your design will be.
To remove the paste from your skin. Grab a credit card or a business card and gently scrap the design off your skin. If the design is very dry, you can even rub the area gently to flake of the dried bits. Once the paste is removed, rub an all natural oil on the design to help clean the area and protect the design. Never USE WATER to wash it off. The water will stop your henna stain from developing. Please try to keep the design protected from water for the first 24 hours. After the initial 24 hours, you can wash it and get it wet as needed.
Wrapping your henna design is always a good idea, this helps protect the paste and also traps heat in your body which helps the henna absorb. The best way, in my opinion, to wrap your henna is to give it a generous layer of sugar/lime juice and let it dry. Once it is tacky to the touch, cover the design with cotton balls. Then wrap the area with toilet paper as needed. Once everything is completely wrap, cover the area with a sock. This method works great on hands and feet. If you have a large armband, you can cut the toe part out of the sock to pull it up higher.  
Here is an illustration of the benefits of leaving the henna on your skin as long as possible

newly applied henna 

applied second row 2 hour later

removed the 2 hour old paste, as you can see the skin is stained a light orange

the henna on the left has darkened over night, the henna on the right was just scraped off, picture taken at 8am


both designs are still developing, picture taken at 10pm


both designs are starting to darken, picture taken the next morning at 8 am


both designs are still developing, you can tell because they are still orangy


both are now a deep brown, picture taken 3 days later, as you can tell, the henna lefted on over night is definately darker and bolder


Nice rich brown


1 week old